Intentional Living

Choosing a life that matters

Most people are very busy, and successful people even more so. But, being busy is not the same as being productive and being productive isn’t the same as being intentional about what you do. Quite often, people drift through their days at the mercy of their schedules and chaos. Getting them to take responsibility for their days will require a shift in how they see the world.

John Maxwell is precisely the person to help make that shift. His entire life has been built on the principles contained in Intentional Living, and has over 40 years of success at every stage of life to recommend this way of living. Becoming the author of his own story of significance has allowed John to not only achieve significant things, but help others to achieve them as well

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Will you live every day just as it comes or do you want your life to have more meaning, more impact, make more of a difference?
Don’t live your life by accident. Live a life of purpose. Start becoming more Intentional every day and you will

Live a life of significance.

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