Jan Robberts

Jan Robberts

Co-Founder:  Life has its character building challenges which have assisted in shaping our lives and businesses thus far.

It is not what happens to you but what happens within you that is important, and the great discovery is, that it is really up to us to choose how to live our lives, whether we move forward to a full and productive life, orwhether we relive our past like a daily history lesson…..


  • Certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.
  • Years of intensive training with an ICF-accredited global coaching company.
  • International Values Based Leadership Specialist with a world wide licence to train and certify facilitators.
  • Member of Les Brown’s Platinum Speakers, getting mentored by Les Brown personally.
  • 30 years in the oil industry; mostly at supervisory level and several at     project management level, working with and leading teams around the world;
  • Supervised and trained international teams from different cultures.
  • Worked closely with representatives of many major oil companies.
  • Sent to challenging projects as a ‘calming influence’, diffusing many conflicting situations.
  • Acknowledged by upper management for my communication and people skills and bringing positivity into the work place.
  • Continuously striving for increasing morale, decreasing turnover rate, improving team spirit, better communication, and transparency.
  • Attending seminars with experts in the industry such as Bob Proctor, Charlie’Tremendous’Jones, and Les Brown
  • Reading a multitude of positive mental attitude books and continually implementing their wisdom in my life and that of others.

“To be able to give more, we must become more.”

My hobbies include Martial Arts (Ki-Aikido), Swimming, Skiing, Walking my dog and reading.

As a proud father and grandfather, my burning passion for helping others and adding value to the lives of my family, our youth which is our future generation, our leaders and our communities, got me to enrol in coaching training through an ICF accredited coaching school. Natural progression led me join the John Maxwell Team with whom I became a certified coach, trainer, and speaker. Now I am part of their mentorship program where I keep growing and learning fromJohn Maxwell and the JMT faculty, receiving THE best training in the world.

Jan in GuatamalaOne of my most amazing and life-changing experiences so far was the great honour and pleasure to have been part of a team of around 150 JMT coaches and trainers who went to Guatemala, to train more than 20,000 leaders from all walks of life in Transformational Leadership. (Values Based Leadership)

Through the tears in the eyes of the leaders in that beautiful country, it confirmed what I want to do…to empower you to lead your team, your company, your country…..

Now I look forward to a passion-filled life of coaching, training, and motivational speaking/teaching from my heart, passing on my growing knowledge and expertise; To empower you and your organization to reach higher, go further and bring a positive change to its culture.

….Together, we’ll make a difference!