Values Based Leadership

“Our mission is to take your organizational values of the walls and put them into the hearts and minds of people.”

Looking to improve or completely change the culture within your organization?

Our unique process of Values Based Leadership will address the following:

  • Low production,
  • high turnover,
  • Historical differences,
  • absenteeism,
  • low morale and so much more.

Our approach will involve all levels of an organization to develop an aligned culture.

This process will transform your organization through its dynamic impact from boardroom to family dining room.

Together, we will focus on moving intentions into specific actions.

There are four questions any organizational leader can ask themselves :

  1. Am I in the process of building organizational leaders?
  2. Are my teams operating with optimum efficiency?
  3. Do I know how to create a productive environment?
  4. Am I interested in a long-range training system that is cost effective?

As VBL Specialists, we can come in and show you how the Round-Table process is an effective tool to help answer each of these questions.

The VBL360 Survey

This is a free survey which will give you an insight into your organizational values, how people within your organization see those values, its strengths and opportunities for improvements. This survey is anonymous and can be taken online by each participant, from the CEO to every individual within the organization. The results will be assessed to assist us in setting up the most successful strategy for your organization, using the Values Based Leadership process.

Our goal is to give you the necessary tools for a sustainable, long term transformation so it’s critical to take the desired skills and behaviours and make them part of your culture by incorporating them into your day to day operations.

We, as Values Based leadership Specialists will guide your continuous improvement efforts by providing the tools, conducting re-assessments and delivering Values Based Leadership training to ensure the momentum is sustained over time.

Contact us for further details and to set up your free survey :

Aims and Objectives:

To Inquire, Inform, Educate, Implement and Follow Through;

  • Inquire about the current culture and situation within the organization
  • Inform about the process, skills and tools we have available
  • Educate about the Total Solutions Program we provide, the long term possibilities and its effectiveness
  • Implement the 3 Rs throughout the entire organization
  • Follow through with expert service, support and regular surveys

We have a unique program which requires each member of the organization from the top down, to get involved for maximum positive effect.

Starting with a survey, we can quickly ascertain the strengths and opportunities of improvement within the values system of an organization. This will give valuable feedback which will assist to maximize the effectiveness of our process and to supply you with a successful strategy for your entire team.

It is unique in several ways as this process engages every single person; This is a two-way communication which gives all members of the team a voice, it gives the perfect opportunity for personal development and its methodology creates synergy which enhances more rapid growth of each member within that group.

The awareness this process creates of basic values not only develops the individuals in the group but reaches a much wider audience, including the person’s family circle where this will also have a positive influence.

This is a 40 week program which can be repeated continuously and because this creates an awareness it acts like a rubber band; Once stretched, it will never return to its original state.

Another reason this is a unique program is that the continuous training within the organization will be done by your very own people who will be trained and certified as facilitators by us as part of our intensive program.

This also ensures that new members entering the organization can become part of this process as soon as they commence employment; They can easily ’slot in’ at any time.

The impact this process has had already on a tremendous range of organizations, institutions and government departments is a testimony to its lasting effectiveness.

This process changes cultures within your organization; It strengthens bonds, builds effective teams, increases attitudes and morale, increases productivity as well as having a positive effect on family life.

We believe this process is totally unique and we are convinced we can add value to your team for the long term benefits of the entire organization.

2. Case Study :

“Transformation begins with me.”

This process impacted an entire Country, when a team of 150 John Maxwell Team Mentors, coaches and trainers went to Guatemala to help that beautiful Country by training nearly 20,000 leaders to facilitate the Values Based Leadership Program.

An amazingly simple, but highly effective process, involving everyone in the organization from CEO to blue collar workers this works in all 7 spheres of Influence and there are many transformational success stories from :

  • Government and its Departments
  • Prisons,
  • Hospitals,
  • Banks,
  • the Forces,
  • Schools and Universities
  • Corporations,
  • Churches
  • Community organizations and many more….

Some of the results from this process are :

  • Productivity increasing from 30-75 percent,
  • Decreasing people turnover,
  • Less absenteeism,
  • Happier more cohesive workforces,
  • Lower crime within jails, …and the list goes on….

Regular updates from Guatemala are showing the determination, persistence and tremendous success within all the different organizations and, to-date, more than 300,000 people have gone through this process. Guatemala is transforming and becoming more prosperous as its people are moving forwards together.